Celebrating the anniversary of Powermed

The beginning of December see’s the anniversary of Powermed Plus Ltd (also know as Powermed UK) being formed. It all started when the Irish Company that Mandy Willmore and David Mappledoram were working for decided to the close their UK business (Powermed Healthcare) down, resulting in the team and themselves being out of work.  This […]

LloydsPharmacy owner McKesson in talks to sell high street giant

The American owner of the LloydsPharmacy chain is in talks to sell one of Britain’s biggest drug retail and wholesale groups amid warnings about the industry’s future financial viability. Sky News has learnt that McKesson, a New York-listed group with a market value of $29bn, has hired bankers to explore a sale of its UK […]

Shift in the mindset and behaviour of beauty and fashion industry post pandemic

Two decades ago, industry icon Leonard Lauder coined the term the Lipstick Index in a reference to how during the economic recession of the early 2000's women pulled back on indulgences such as jewellery and handbags but continued with affordable expenditure that included beauty products. While the Lipstick Index is far from obsolete, it's fair to […]

Recognition of Excellence Awards 2019

In 2019 Powermed UK sponsored the Customer Care Award.  This is a very well deserved award which had both a great winner and highly commended winners for the amazing customer care they offered in their respective Pharmacies.

Most Valued Awards 2019

Powermed UK supported clients with their entry into the MVP Awards 2019. It was great to see several of our brands winning the highly commended award

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